impenetrable writing made *more* impenetrable

I wrote up a presentation I gave at a Banff NMI conference last year for their off-shoot zine Horizon Zero. My essay is typically rambling about public space, TIZ and stuff, but the design of the site is *terrible*. Its the kind of designer’s free-for-all I thought people had stopped doing in 1997 – completely done in flash, no intuitive UI, or even guides to help you find what you want to find.. in short, a navigational nightmare. If they’d been sensible enough to provide an HTML version for those of us that have accessibility needs, or just can’t stand pointless flash interfaces, then I’d have been able to link to my essay. Instead, I can only tell you to click on english or french, wait for the flash to finish downloading, somehow find the link for the archive, choose issus 4, look for ‘speakers corner’, and then see the text come up as an image (!) so that you can’t cut and paste, and have to click to get every new page. This site seems determined to counter every possible advantage that putting a text online brings. sheesh.


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