City Poems

CityPoems is a fantastic new project by Blinkmedia, the new ‘creative projects’ agency who are also behind the long established Centrifugal Forces and Short Circuits:

“Fifty million text messages are sent every day in Britain. We use them to organise our lives, gossip and even flirt. And we take our mobile phones everywhere. They have become like books with an unlimited number of blank pages waiting to be filled. CityPoems uses text messages to write the biography of a city.”

I admit to a bias here – I worked with Andy Wilson to set up the first Guardian SMS Poetry competition in 2001, and Lisa Roberts, the other half of Blink, used to work with me at The Media Centre a few years ago. Bias aside, its a fantastic project, and Blink, along with Lumen, look like the most dynamic and innovative media arts organisations in Yorkshire. Here’s a sample CityPoem:

We write our names:
in traces on the dark;
on flat, wet sand;
in breath on windowpanes.

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