Fantastic post on cheesebikini (via tomdolan) about a series of random Mobs being organised via email that involve people getting together to chant a particular phrase or do something odd for 10 minutes, then disperse. Random, pointless, and rather beautiful…

Its a bit like a logical extension of the surrender control project I did with Tim Etchells a while ago, where we sent instructions to people over SMS for a week. I’m currently doing an email interview with Tim for an article, and will post the interview to this blog, along with interviews with Lucy Kimbell and Blast Theory.

I thought i’d post an extended excerpt from the email organising these DumbMobs. Its a bit long, but worth it to appreciate the detail and sheer style being put into these events. For my money, this is ART!

(3) Then or soon thereafter, a MOB representative will appear in the bar, wearing one of the “trucker hats” that is so stylish these days. He or she will pass around slips of paper, on which three important pieces of information will be printed: (a) the MOB site, (b) a particular item at the site, and (c) a secret phrase. Commit all three to memory and put the slip in your pocket. ONCE YOU ARE AT THE MOB SITE, NONE OF THESE SLIPS OF PAPER SHOULD BE VISIBLE.

(4) Leave the bar and walk to the MOB site as quickly as possible. It will take you longer to get there than you think. If you arrive near the final MOB destination before 7:27, stall nearby. NO ONE SHOULD ARRIVE AT THE FINAL MOB DESTINATION UNTIL 7:26.

(5) Find the item and stand around it. Unlike in MOB #1, where the participants were not to acknowledge one another, here you should greet even those you do not know. Talk among yourselves about the item and its relative merits and demerits. Only if you are blocked from seeing the item should you stray to examine other merchandise at the site.

(6) If you are approached by a salesperson, explain that everyone present lives together, in a huge converted warehouse in Long Island City, and that you are there looking for a “[secret phrase].” Explain that you make all purchases as a group.

(7) At 7:37 you should disperse. Thank the salespeople for their help, but explain that the item has been “voted down.” NO ONE SHOULD REMAIN AT THE MOB SITE AFTER 7:39.

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