New Book on Digital Art

Christiane Paul, one of the most experienced new media curators in the US, has written a book for Thames & Hudson’s canonical ‘World of Art’ series on Digital Art. There have been a number of books recently trying to pick themes out of the heady world of new media culture over the last 10 years, including Lev Manovich’s ‘Language of New Media’ (Lev! stop using frames!) and Noah Wardriup-Fruin’s ‘New Media Reader’.

Christiane’s book focuses on art, rather than the broader impacts of new media, and is a pretty good survey, starting with some context from Nam June Paik and Marcel Duchmap (of course…). Its a broad sweep of work, covering, networked installation, online performances and ‘tactical media’. There’s also mention of mobile projects, including ‘Speakers Corner’, a project I was involved in.

I’m glad Christiane included that project, as its one of the things I’m most proud of, despite the protracted development and extended rebuild. It also means Jaap de Jonge gets a credit in the index – he deserves to reserve a place in the historicising of new media art, as he has created some of the most compelling, and accessible public art pieces of the last 10 years. And it also means that a corner of the canon of digital media will be forever Huddersfield…


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