Merz Akademie

The Merz Akademie run a really interesting looking programme of courses in applied arts and electronic media, with a roster of excellent lecturers, including Judith Barry and pioneer Olia Lialina. The reason I’ve found this out is that my refferer logs have been full of links to posts from the Merz Akademie’s internal webmail clients over the last week or so. I don’t get a huge amount of traffic here, so any new links that generate a lot of traffic sticks out a mile (eg Cory linking the ‘Things of the Past’ post on BoingBoing). I assume this traffic means there is a discussion going on that refers to one of the essays on this site. I’d love to participate in this – anyone at the Merz Academie want to email a summary?

I’ve really resisted making ‘meta’ posts on this blog, as I want to use it more as a way of collecting stuff I write, rather than writing about the process of writing a blog, but in this case I’m just too damned curious. Apologies – normal service of increasingly obscure, long-winded and pretentious writing about ‘digital culture’ will resume as soon as possible.


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