Receiver article now online

The essay I recently posted on text messaging, poetry and touch is now online at Vodafone’s RECEIVER on-line journal. There’s some other interesting texts by far better writers, including Timothy Druckrey, David Toop and Matt Adams from Blast Theory. Best of all is Tom Charity’s essay on how mobile phones have been represented in films, from Wall Street to Minority Report. He makes a good point about sci-fi’s wrong futurism at the start:

“We didn’t see it coming. In all the many tens of hundreds of science fiction movies which unspooled over the twentieth century from “Metropolis” to “Star Wars”, “Blade Runner” to “The Time Machine” you won’t find one which envisages a general populace babbling to itself, as if in the throes of some giant collective nervous breakdown. Who could have imagined even 15 years ago, that public space the bus, the train, the street would be overrun? That the social sphere, which for centuries dictated certain civil proprieties (decorum, discretion and deferment), should fold in on itself almost overnight, leaving only solipsism rampant?”

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