Rose Esme – from now until she is 21 (part 1)

My daughter, Rose Esme, was born today at 11.05am. As a way of celebrating this fact, I thought I’d do a google search for predictions about how life in the UK might change over her first 21 years. Lots of the searches yield mostly generic business plan predictions, so i’ve tried to pepper them with odd little statistics or facts. I’ll post the results up in groups of 7 over the next few days (assuming I get time, that is…)

2005 – Rose is 1
‘Chip and PIN’ cards will be rolled out across the UK
BT will have Broadband across 100% of the UK
Hearing Screening for Newborn Babies will be available across the country

2006 – Rose is 2
Power cuts will be crippling the UK
The Water Vole will be extinct
It will be against the law to discriminate job candidates by their age

2007 – Rose is 3
Wiltshire will be the safest place to live
There will be a new pill to help men with premature ejaculation
God will be working in all twelve areas of the UK

2008 – Rose is 4
Cannabis shops will have opened for business
There will be 2 credit cards for every adult in the UK
The amount of obese children in the UK, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands will be the same as the US (16%)

2009 – Rose is 5
The 2 coin will commemorate the 350th anniversary of temperature measurements
Linear TV will be dead
The RAF will get new Joint Combat Aircraft
[2009 seems to be a very unpopular year for predictions. Maybe its an odd number to target, or perhaps it’ll be a very dull year.]

2010 – Rose is 6
3% of the UK’s energy will come from renewables
There will be over 4 million people with diabetes
There will be double the number of Brown Hares (Lepus europaeus)

2011 – Rose is 7
The Subway sandwich chain will have more than 2,00 stores
4.6 million people will be over the age of 75
De-beaking of hens will be prohibited


  1. Blatant Optimism

    Welcome Rose Locke

    Huge congratulations to Matt and Holly Locke on the birth of their daughter Rose Esme yesterday. Matt’s taken the opportunity to use his last bits of adrenalin-fuelled boy-time to post a list of what the web predicts for her over…

  2. Foe

    Congratulations to all three of you. And well done for finding such a delightful name that’s also unique to her (according to Google at least).

  3. Cait


    Can’t wait to come down to Brighton with some home cooking and see all three of you!

    (ps. it gets less stressful. Honest)

  4. Gwendolyn

    ..and I had begun to wonder why I hadnt met you again at one of the usual events…congratulations to you and lets catch up soon about predictions in the tech sphere…

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