Fenway Park

As Megnut (had) said – would you fucking believe it?

I’m a huge Boston Red Sox fan, despite being born and bred in England. Its a long story, but I started playing Baseball the same time that Channel 4 in the UK showed the ’86 WS, with the Sox and the Mets. I chose the Sox, wept at Bill Buckner, and was destined to join the Nation for the rest of my days…

Beyond what anyone dared hope, the Sox overturned a 3-0 Yankees lead in the best-of-seven ALCS finals to win 4-3 and go to the World Series for the first time since 1986, and to give them a chance for their first WS win since 1918.

Is it finally time to lift the curse?

In celebration, i’ve posted up some pictures I took at Fenway Park in 2002. I shot them using a 3200 film, for maximum contrast and grain. Here are my favourites, with more at my flickr site.







One comment

  1. nick

    Like you, Matt, my first memory of baseball was the ’86 series, albeit the one-hour wrapup shown by Dickie Davies on ‘World of Sport’. I resumed my acquaintance with the game in the early 90s, thanks to the Armed Forces Radio Network on medium wave, during the Blue Jays’ amazing ascent, but my heart has always been with the Sox.

    Heh, if the Boro can win a trophy this year after a century of bugger-all, then all curses are off. Go Sox!

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