Ben Hammersley has the best commentary, but let me be probably the last person to welcome Backstage into the world. Backstage was a project that was passed around a couple of times before finally sneaking under the wire and into the world. I think Tom and Matt were the original parents, before handing it to me. I did very little except come up with the name ‘backstage’ before handing to James, who did a fantastic job of actually getting it somewhere, before Tom returned to bring in the fantastic skills of Ben, helping James and Ben get it over the finishing line. So essentially, it was vapourware until the A-team of Tom, Ben & James actually knuckled down and built something. They deserve all the plaudits and free pints that the blogosphere can throw at them.

Which in a way is the message of backstage, and what they should probably put as its tagline (paraphrasing the cult kids TV show) – Why Don’t You Just Switch Off Your Television Set And Go [Online] And Do Something Less Boring Instead?

Ah! – Backstage – the kids TV programme! Its only a matter of time! (For our US viewers, imagine a cross between Sesame St and O’Reilly’s Make magazine…)

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  1. Matt Jones

    One other name to add to the creation myth: Nick Holmes… I think we had a lot of conversations about ‘’ or whatever that we dragged Tom into.

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