London to Brighton

I used to have a personal trainer a year or so ago, and for the 18 months of our twice-weekly sessions, I was the fittest i’ve been since my early twenties. Since then, I’ve only managed the (very) occassional bike ride or jog along brighton beach, and i’m starting to notice the effects.

So, with foolhardy recklessness and in the hope of re-igniting my desire to keep fit, I’m doing the London to Brighton bike ride in a few weeks. It should be ok, but i’m already fearing that i’ll be the least fit of our group, dragging behind and pushing my bike up the hills. The only consolation is that I’ll be able to go straight home afterwards for alcohol and a warm bath, instead of having to schlep back up to london with my bike.

I’m doing it in aid of the British Heart Foundation, so go on – sponsor me. At least that way the suffering will be worthwhile…

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