Bronica ETRSi

I’ve got a new camera – a Bronica ETRSi. Its another analogue, medium-format camera, but single lens, instead of my Mamiya twin lens. The set-up I’ve got (second-hand) includes the ETRSi body, a 70mm lens, AE Prism Finder, Speed Grip and 120 and Polaroid backs. The speed grip and AE finder means that it operates like a large, slightly more cumbersome 35mm SLR, so hopefully I’ll be able to shoot more with this than the Mamiya, which needs a separate light meter. At the moment, i’m just playing around and getting used to handling it, and having a lot of fun with the Polariod back. I’ll put up some pictures soon, but in the meantime, here’s one I took today of fellow brighton resident (and ace blogger) Anthony Mayfield)

Anthony Mayfield

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