Photos from We Love Technology

I took my medium format camera to the We Love Technology conference in Huddersfield this summer, and have finally got round to getting the flim scanned and uploading some of the pics. It was an odd location – on the campus of Huddersfield University – and there wasn’t much good light for portraits, but there was a spot in the area just outside the auditorium, so throughout the day I grabbed various people and dragged them to this little pool of light. I stood on a chair for most of them, but was still shooting upwards at most people, as my Mamiya has a waist-level finder. I’m 6 foot 1, but that’s not tall enough. Especially when shooting Dan Blackburn, who must be about 6 foot 6….

Here’s some of my favourites – the complete set is on Flickr. I’m at a couple more conferences this year, including Picnic06 in Amsterdam, so I should get time to take more pictures and stick them up here.

Regine Debatty

Sebastien Noel

Eva Rucki

Lisa Roberts

Matt Webb

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