The World’s Slowest PhotoBlog

This is probably the world’s slowest photoblog. On average, it takes me about two months to get films scanned and uploaded, so these one’s are almost instant in comparison. There’s a few selected photos from a couple of sets: my team’s leaving do for the outrageously talented Luciana Baptista; a few pictures of Carsten Holler’s Test Site at the Tate Modern (aka the slides!); and a few pictures of Lucerne taken whilst at the European Futurists Conference. More on Flickr

Luciana Baptista
Luciana Baptista

Andrew Strachan
Andrew Strachan

Tate Modern Large Slides
Carsten Holler’s ‘Test Site’

Tate Modern Small Slide
Carsten Holler’s ‘Test Site’ (small slide)

Lake Lucerne
Lake Lucerne

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