My Citizen Journalism moment with Brian Haw

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Brian Haw, originally uploaded by matlock.

Brian Haw is the protester who has camped out in Parliament Square, protesting against the occupation in Iraq. On the 23rd May 2006, the Metropolitan Police, under the orders of Sir Ian Blair, the Commissioner of the Met, confiscated all of the placards and objects from Haw’s demonstration.

Earlier today, I saw Haw outside Channel 4’s offices, as he’d just had a summons commissioned to Sir Ian Blair, asking him to turn up in Horseferry Rd Court before on July 27th to answer accusations of theft. We chatted for a while, and he said “Want an exclusive?” and posed for a photo with the summons letter. Here’s a photo of the letter (click to see larger, more readable version on Flickr). I guess this makes me a citizen journalist now…

Brian Haw's Summons for Sir Ian Blair

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