2Gether and Yeardot

Very excited about 2 things this week. First up is the 2Gether08 event, organised by Steve Moore and funded by C4. The event is aiming to linkup many of the social and digital innovation community in the UK, including AMEE, Interesting; and Social Innovation Camp.

There’s a fantastic line-up of speakers over the 2 days, including Umair Haque, Julian Baggini, Martha Lane-Fox, Matthew Taylor, Jane Jacobs, Euan Semple, and my favourite – Russell Davies, talking about ‘Interesting for Change’. Should be a really fun and mind-expanding 2 days. See you there?

Also this week, our YearDot project has properly launched. This is an ambitious online and TV project where we’ll be following 15 teens as they live ‘the first year of the rest of their lives’. Its aiming to see how living on the web is changing the way that teens make choices in their lives, and how networking, collaboration and search are affecting the difficult transitions that most teens as they leave home, school or college and have to make their own way in the big, wide world. Its been a fascinating process working with So Television and Holler as we’ve discussed how to get the approach and tone of this project right for the different spaces it will exist in. I think we’ve got it right for the launch, but one of the good things about the project is that we can be flexible throughout the year. I’d be very surprised if the project didn’t look vastly different by the end of the year. To find out and participate, here’s the main hub site, and our Myspace page.

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