Battlefront Widget-y goodness

[clearspring_widget title=”Widget” wid=”49240391ad6b46cc” pid=”496bbab905f3f036″ width=”300″ height=”652″ domain=””]

We’ve recently launched some rather lovely widgets for our Battlefront project. You can embed a widget for any campaign you want to support, such as the marvellous Alexander Rose above. We’re also experimenting with widgets on another project, where we’re experimenting with using them on Myspace and Bebo. Alter Ego gives you tools tocreate badges about different aspects of your personality, whilst Dictum asks you questions about your opinions and morality.

I’m interested how these will propogate, or not. The Battlefront widget has already generated over 17,000 views, despite just a handful of installations (its only been up a week or so).

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