Future stories

Like Matt Jones, I’ve been asked to produce a few illustrations of potential futures for my work. Unlike Matt, I find it incredibly hard to try and synthesise the huge number of potential scenarios into something that isn’t cliched or too predictable. So whereas Matt managed to fire out 8 over a weekend, it’s taken me nearly two weeks to come up with 2. I always have the problem of how to write scenarios – Phil has pointed out how easy it is to fall into the trap of technological determinism, or to make the whole story just exposition. I’ve ended up using a cheap trick – I’ve adopted exam papers as a structure for two of the scenarios, one based on Politics, one on Media Studies. I’ve found that the exam paper structure has helped keep the writing short and to the point, although its sometimes been hard to encapsulate a lot of potential change in a few sentences. Hopefully, they give you enough information to indicate what has changed and act as a starting point for further speculation, but I’m also worried they might just be too damn confusing. Any comments welcome…


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