Media Studies Exam Paper, 2018

University of London
Department of Cultural Studies

MS201 Media, Culture and Identity Examination Paper
Date: 15th May 2018
Time: 2.00-4.00pm

Answer TWO questions. Each question carries equal marks, Do not use substantially the same material in more than one answer. Search technologies are allowed, but indicate the resource locator, or search query and product used, for each reference. Please read questions carefully.

1) “Identity is the product of your networks.” Discuss this assertion, referencing historical debates around trust and reputation in technological communication.
2) To what extent did the rise of mobile communication networks in third-world countries between 2005-2010 affect the media industries in: The Former United States of America; Sub-Saharan Africa; Iraq; Australasia; The Celtic Union?
3) What was ‘Scheduling’? Discuss giving examples from the major linear media of the late 20th Century.
4) Some analysts argue that individual privacy should not be linked to economic activity. What possible other solutions exist for state validation of citizens’ cultural consumption? What are the pros and cons of these solutions?
5) How has the dissolution of Google led to the ‘balkanisation’ of information? How would the information industry have developed had the company remained a globally owned public utility?
6) Describe 3 of the following content formats for popular media, and their impact on society: Reality Feeds; Anytime Radio; VoteSport; Extreme Celebrity, NeighbourhoodWatch.
7) In 2016, the average UK citizen had over 30 petabytes of media storage. This would have equated to over 500 years of continuous media consumption at typical consumption rates in the year 2000. How have simultaneous viewing technologies changed the way in which media is produced and consumed in the UK?
8) Describe the impact of the’ Media Revolutions’ of the last 10 years, in particular the demise of News International in 2008, the formation of the World Cultural Trade Organisation in 2010, the ‘G21’ group of independent media nations, and the rise in decentralised media terrorist networks.
9) How has PersonalJournalism affected notions of ‘integrity’ and ‘truth’ in news production? In your opinion, have these changes been beneficial or detrimental?


  1. Lucy G

    Very funny….but porbably very true, If i print this and give it to my children who may be taking an exam that year, do you think theyll get the full marks?? haha!

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