Creative Archive material released

The BBC has launched the first product from the Creative Archive. In a collaboration with Radio 1, around 100 clips are available as part of a project to encourage creativity amongst ‘vjs‘. the clips are a heady mix of wildlife, urban environmental and fantastic ‘futures’ footage from old Tomorrow’s World programmes.

It’s good to finally see an output from the Creative Archive, and I know there’s a lot of blood, sweat and tears behind this relatively modest start. But I’m sure this launch will open the floodgates for lots of similar projects in the coming months.

The Creative Archive has carried a huge burden of expectations since Greg Dyke’s slightly premature announcement in Edinburgh almost exactly 2 years ago. Many people expected the BBC to just dump tons of stuff online, but I think that the decision to place archive material in the context of other BBC brands (like Radio 1) is the right one. Our audience already has a relationship with the BBC through these brands, and it makes sense to use these to encourage people to experiment with the archive, rather than creating a stand-alone brand just for the archive.

It also gives production teams in broadcast divisions the opportunity to see how creative our audiences can be, and the incredibly exciting possibilities for mixing user-generated content and BBC output. Radio & Music interactive are doing fantastic stuff at the moment, from podcasting to SMS takeovers, so it makes sense that they should be the first partner for the Creative Archive.

Huge congratulations to Paula Le Dieu, Paul Gerhardt and Jennifer Rigby, the people most responsible for making this happen.

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