OpenTech 2005

I took my medium format camera to OpenTech this year, as part of my on-going project to take photos of cutting edge geeks with trailing edge technology (see also ETCON 2003, Evolution 2003 and New Media Art at the Tate).

The light wasn’t great at the venue – there wasn’t much natural light, so I used a spot in the main lecture theatre where there was a slightly angled soft spot overhead. This, and a high contrast film, has given the pictures a more dramatic contrast, but it meant that some of the pictures look a bit too shady for my liking, especially in the eyes. It also gives a great level of modelling on the skin, which I like a lot, but i’m not sure my subjects all will… I might have to invest in a softbox or go really pro and get a ringflash.

Here’s some of my favourites. You can see more over at my Flickr site.

Matt Webb at OpenTech 2005
Matt Webb

Ted Nelson at OpenTech 2005
Ted Nelson

Paul Hammond at OpenTech 2005
Paul Hammond

Tom Coates at OpenTech 2005
Tom Coates

Lee Maguire at OpenTech 2005
Lee Maguire

Gavin Bell at OpenTech 2005
Gavin Bell

Ben Metcalfe at OpenTech 2005
Ben Metcalfe

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