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Breeder Banner

I’m very pleased to say we’ve launched our latest C4 Education project – Routes – which is a massive cross-platform-video-game-arg-thingy (we’re gonna need a bigger category…) looking at genetic science and the impact its going to have on 21st Century life. Its all good, but my favourite bit at the moment is the lovely Breeder, a delightful multiplayer mini-game in which you have to try and breed with other creatures to reach a desired end-state. Although most people I know who have played it just spend all their time cruising for people they know and breeding with them. I sure that’s educational in some way, though…

And to encourage Breeder activity all over the web, you can install a widget of your breeder on whatever flavour SNS you prefer. I’m off to my long-neglected Facebook account to give it a bit of Breeder love.

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  1. k

    You can install one here, too, using the embed option (although I suspect it might go a bit funny in the head if you try and link your account to more than one widget). We fixed the positioning bug 🙂

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